Dear Michal, I would like to thank you for the support, and professional guidance, at the right time and the right place and certainly at a crucial cross-road in my professional life. You gave me support and helped me, you always listened and encouraged me to create new networks and connections and, more than anything else, you always asked about my progress, even when you did not have to keep in touch. And that, as they say, is “very rare in the employment world”. Thanks and good luck in everything.
Gadi Aflalo
Hi Michal, I am happy to let you know that I found a job, last week. The role is that of a Project Manager in Marketing, in a marketing company in Tel Aviv, so that it fits what I was looking for. I wanted to thank you for all your help in finding a job. You were most helpful and I am certain that, through your contribution and assistance, I found a job in a relatively short period of time. Thank you very much.
Daniel Alkaly
Shalom Michal
The CV you wrote is much more subtle and high quality. Reading it a second and third time shows me that you were right, from the very beginning.
Michal shalom, I really loved the end result, everything is amazingly well edited and tells the story. Many, many thanks for the professional and fast work.
Omri Hai
Michal, You were ready to help, you were thoughtful and professional, kind and cheery (even over the phone) and gave me interesting and important insights. I am thorough and a perfectionist :), so that the collaborations with you, Michal, on writing the perfect CV (in Hebrew and English) was a must and it was outstanding! You gave me fast responses to all my questions, correction and clarification and you were fully invested in the process. After having sent my CV to several people, I received many compliments and I wanted to let you know. It was a pleasure working with you and it is important to me that you get the recognition you deserve. I will definitely recommend to my friends.
I have worked with Michal for several years.
She is a very focused, dedicated person, with a deep warmth and caring for others.
Michal will always go the extra mile to assist both colleagues and job seekers.
She has an open mind and sincere empathy for everyone she wants to help.
She has a good, sound grasp of the employment market and how to navigate it.
Her ability to write a winning CV is second to none!
I have no hesitation in recommending Michal to jobseekers.
Sharon Bernstein - Telfed
I met Michal after having worked in one place for 26 years, in a senior development position. This has been my first and only place of work, ever. I left of my own will but that does not change the fact that, over night, I lost my source of income and my friends. I came to see Michal lacking in self-confidence, tired from the process of leaving, and with no energy to start looking for a new job, with all that implies. My purpose in going to see Michal was to write a professional CV but very quickly it became the process of rebuilding my confidence. Very gently and professionally, Michal injected content, importance and significance to each detail from my job description, which I had related in a dry and terse terms. In this manner, I realized that my work was much more meaningful than the way I presented it and that empowered me and injected me with self-confidence which showed in job interviews. The product of our three meetings was not only a CV written in a professional, sharp and focused manner, in Hebrew and English, I was the most wonderful product – I regained my confidence and my ability to start a new way. Thank you for everything, dear Michal.
Batya Brook
I have been working with Michal for a while now and that has brought about an improvement and enhancement of all English content. Additionally, Michal is exceptionally service oriented and is great fun to work with. The combination of high professionalism, humanity and service orientation create a perfect combination, which makes it so worthwhile to Work with Michal. A warm recommendation.
Ziv Sheinfeld – CEO, Digital Marketing and PR firm